Advertising, Sponsorship, and Marketing Opportunities


Aim for the right audience. Position your company with PLANET's members to reach nearly 3,500 green industry organizations. The PLANET membership is a diverse group of industry professionals, whose specialty areas constantly expand to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. PLANET's largest membership segment is comprised of companies that provide lawn care, design/build/installation, landscape management, interior plantscaping, and other related services across the country.

PLANET members have joined the association because they are committed to business success, increased professionalism, and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. These companies constantly seek out the newest information, products, and services that will make their businesses more efficient, profitable, and safe. In fact PLANET members have been in business, on average, for 21.7 years. And, nearly 60% of Landscape Management magazine's top 100 land care companies are PLANET members.

Partner with PLANET

Strategically partnering with PLANET not only helps focus your marketing, but it also allows you to contribute to something bigger. Partnering means building your brand while engaging in the association, enhancing industry initiatives, improving PLANET membership benefits, and building rapport with PLANET's members. Position your company as an industry leader, a credible resource, and a business partner. Break the industry sales barrier.

Buzz Building. Brand Building. Bond Building.

When it comes to decision making, 20% of decisions are based on rationale, but 80% are based on emotion. Consumers aren't just looking for great products and services. They're looking for solutions. They're looking for a person and a company they can trust.

Sponsorship is a critical, differentiating part of a well-thought-out media and marketing plan. Of all the media you can use, sponsorship is the most personal — it's the most sensory. Through sponsorships, you can increase your visibility and prestige, and you can shape the image of your company and impress upon the membership your commitment to them and their business success.

Power your partnerships with emotion! Bond building is critical for sponsors who want to reap the greatest rewards. And when it comes to sponsorship activation, PLANET encourages innovation and out-of-the-box thinking so sponsors can connect with PLANET members, create favorable impressions, and deliver memorable sensory experiences.

PLANET's events, programs, publication and video sponsorships, online sponsorships, affinity partnerships, and print advertising — these opportunities allow you strategic placement and prominence at every turn so your investment leads to business success.

Gain exposure, develop brand awareness, and build bonds with leading green industry companies across the nation. These industry leaders will know your company name, your company logo, your company's values, products and services. They will think of you when they make purchasing decisions.

Print Advertising Opportunities
PLANET News magazine

Tap the green industry market when you advertise in PLANET's flagship bimonthly magazine, PLANET News. You'll reach more than 3,500 members, and in special circulation months, you'll reach even more of the businesses critical to your sales and services.

Various sizes of four-color, two-color, and black-and-white ads offer a variety of choices for both visibility and cost effectiveness. This publication's packaging also allows for freestanding inserts — yet another opportunity to showcase your company's logo, products, and services. Advertising in PLANET News is the ideal way to make sure the best companies in the green industry know who you are.

Maximize your exposure and communicate directly with the industry’s leading decision makers today! For special advertising opportunities and reservations, please contact Cheryl Claborn at 800-395-2522 x293 or fax to 703-736-9668.

2014 PLANET News Media Kit

Electronic Advertising Opportunities
PLANET Front Page News

Build your brand and put your products and services in front of PLANET's membership on a regular basis. This monthly e-newsletter is sent to more than 6,000 recipients and provides members with association news and important industry developments. The newsletter is also posted on PLANET's web site. Availability is limited. For rates and availability, contact Sheri Jackson at 800-395-2522.

PLANET News Interior

With PLANET member and nonmember subscribers, this monthly e-newsletter is the source for interior plantscaping news, business and technical know-how from industry experts, peer networking, and more. For rates and availability, contact Sheri Jackson at 800-395-2522.

PLANET Green Industry Weekly NewsBrief

The PLANET MultiBrief presents a unique advertising opportunity for green industry suppliers looking to get their message in front of specific top-tier industry professionals. The advertising positions within the brief never compete with the news elements and are smartly incorporated into its overall look and feel. Each issue has a limited number of ad spaces, allowing the ads maximum exposure. The PLANET Multibrief provides variety and flexibility in advertising options that's hard to find anywhere else. For advertising opportunities, please e-mail Jonathan Berger or call him at 469-420-2633.

For more electronic advertising opportunities,contact Sheri Jackson at 800-395-2522.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Event sponsorships, online sponsorships, programs, and publications — these opportunities allow you strategic placement and prominence at every turn so your investment turns into business success.

The best opportunities go fast, so make your move now. Maximize your exposure and reserve a sponsorship opportunity today. We will help to customize your brand-building package. Contact Sheri Jackson at 800-395-2522.

Visit the sponsorship website.

Supplier Discount Program

Does your company offer a discount to Green Industry Service Provider companies that are PLANET members? Showcase your offer in this exciting new marketing opportunity.