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Better Homes and Gardens Magazine - April – 2014

Better Homes and Gardens magazine promoted the “Hire a Pro” database on


Is Your Building Conducive to the Installation of a Green Roof?

Environmental Design & Construction Magazine – February 2014

According to the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) association, the North American green roof industry grew by a remarkable 24 percent in 2012. Part of this growth was spurred on by more cities recognizing the public benefits of green roofs and taking various policy measures to encourage their widespread installation. However, according to GRHC there is still enormous potential for growth of new green roofs on billions of square feet of buildings across North America.


Wintertime Tips to Keep Landscaping Safe

Realtor Magazine – January 2014

Lawn care is typically a spring and summertime activity, but in the dead of winter — even one as brutal as this has been — there’s still plenty you can do to protect your landscaping.  The Professional Landscape Network (PLANET) offers some tips for how to protect your plants during deep freezes and harsh winter storms. Some of them might actually come as a surprise, such as this one: Don’t remove snow from your flower beds; let the snow melt. Digging out plants from under compact snow can actually cause them more harm.


Winter Snow Tips for the Garden – January 2014

The winter of 2014 may go down on record as one of the coldest seasons North America has experienced in years and we aren't even halfway through it yet. If you haven't taken steps to protect your yard and landscape from the severe weather, it's not too late to take some defensive measures and be prepared when another storm blankets your yard with snow and the temperatures drop.


Certification Matters – Really

Turf – December 2013

It may be impossible to quantify how becoming "certified" in the landscape industry will affect your bottom line, but what is certain is that more commercial and government accounts demand certifications by established service providers. Certification is a positive force in elevating service levels within the various segments of the green industry.


Fall is Time to Prepare the Yard for Spring

Wall Street Journal – October 2013

Fall is in the air—which means leaves will soon be on the ground in the colder states, and cooler, drier air is blowing into the South and West. Now's the time to begin fall yard work such as raking leaves, weeding and cleaning out the gutters.


Fall Landscaping

CNN/Affiliate Service – October 2013

Prepping the lawn and garden for fall and winter is important, but doesn’t need to be expensive.  3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan offers up some expert advice for getting landscaping ready to weather the cold.

Landscapers' day of service at Arlington National Cemetery
USA - July 2013
Photo Gallery of Renewal and Remembrance

400 Volunteers Beautify Arlington National Cemetery
Parade July 2013
Photo gallery of Renewal and Remembrance - Once a year, hundreds of landscapers and lawn professionals from around the country come out to give some TLC to the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where more than 400,000 American soldiers have been laid to rest.

Volunteers help renew, preserve Arlington National Cemetery
FOX Morning News - July 2013
Arlington National Cemetery will be getting its yearly make-over compliments of hundreds of volunteers from around the country. Monday is the 17th annual Renewal and Remembrance Beautification Project.

There's No Substitute for Safety 
Turf Magazine – August-2013
David Snodgrass says the industry is making progress with safety but has more work to do.

5 smarter ways to save water
Associated Press Syndicated Article – June 21013
Smart irrigation is becoming a hot landscaping specialty as groundwater aquifers are increasingly sucked dry. Planet, the national landscape industry association, lists five strategies for smarter watering…

Most Americans Use Outdoor Spaces For Relaxation, According To PLANET Survey
Huffington Post – May 2013
When the warm days of May roll around (soon we hope!), dining al fresco, gardening and reading in the backyard or on the patio can be some of the best ways to enjoy the nice weather at home.  A recent survey by Harris Interactive confirmed that many Americans look to their backyards as a place to spend their leisure time: The poll found that the most common use of yard space is relaxing, followed by planting and spending time with family.

Consumers go beyond plants, spend more on longer-lasting landscaping projects
Omaha World –May 2013
…In sync are results of an online survey by Professional Landcare Network, which named Millennials and men as among groups more likely to fork over green to have a professional do landscaping and lawn work.

Where Clients are Spending Money on Landscapes
Total Landscape Care – May 2013
PLANET, a national trade association of landscape industry professionals, in partnership with Harris Interactive has conducted a U.S. online survey asking consumers about their spending on a range of professional lawn and landscape services.

Grounds Check
Today’s Facility Manager – April 2013
Busy facility managers (fms) might take the landscaping around their buildings for granted. With many other pressing issues and challenges, how much focus should be given to groundskeeping as long as the site looks presentable? The answer is that there are proven operational, economic, safety, and mental health benefits that can be gained from properly maintaining the landscapes surrounding commercial and institutional facilities.

Volunteers Bring Life Back to Virginia Beach Park
Virginian-Pilot – April 2013
Hums of leaf blowers and beeps of wheel loaders permeated the usually serene landscape at Beach Garden Park April 19-20. Nestled in the Old Beach District, between a marsh and a water tower, the community park was the site of a two-day beautification project. More than 50 volunteers trimmed shrubs, mulched gardens and picked up litter.

Good Deed on Earth Day
WYOU-TV – April 2013
Stroudsburg, Monroe County-A Pocono business pitched in to celebrate the "Planet Day of Service" for Earth Day. Nearly two dozen volunteers from Strauser Nature's Helpers worked at the waterfront park and McMichael's Creek waterfall in Stroudsburg. They cleared trash, planted flowers, and put in new mulch. The company donated all of the time and materials. It's a project that would have cost about three-thousand-dollars.

USA Today Snapshot
USA Today – March 2013
PLANET consumer survey statistics highlighted.

Weeding Through Landscapers
Wall Street Journal – March 2013
Money doesn't grow on trees. So you'll want to get the most out of the pros you hire to get your outdoor space ready for spring and summer blooms.

Power Plants
Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine – Feb 1, 2013
To ensure the air filling your lungs is at its optimum, Chris Raimondi, landscape industry certified chairman of PLANET’s Indoor Specialty Group, recommends using houseplants to scrub the air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).