Q: What certifications are available?
A: There are several different areas of specialization. You choose the specialty endorsement that best suits your needs. Under the Landscape Industry Certified Manager Certification, you may specialize in exterior, interior, or lawn care. Under the Landscape Industry Certified Technician Certification, you may specialize in interior, irrigation, lawn care, horticulture, softscape installation, hardscape installation, turf maintenance, or ornamental maintenance. PLANET offers various types of marketing materials you can use to promote your landscape industry certification. And keeping your certification current is easy when you attend industry educational events that offer recertification opportunities.

Q: Once I've registered for an exam, do I have to take it right away?
A: No. You have up to three years from when you register to prepare for and take an exam. After three years, you will need to register as a new candidate. Of course, the sooner you take and pass the exam, the faster you achieve your goal of becoming Landscape Industry Certified.

Q: How do I study for my certification?
A: All of our exams are self-study courses. Most recommended study materials are found in PLANET's Online Bookstore.

Q: How long does it take to get my study materials?
A: You have a variety of options with the shipping methods to select from overnight to several days. Shipping is handled by a PLANET authorized book distribution center.

Q: How do I test for my certification?
A: Conveniently test for the Landscape Industry Certified Manager, the Landscape Industry Certified Interior Technician, the Landscape Industry Certified Horticultural Technician, and the Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Technician at a PSI computer-based testing center near you. Choosing this option eliminates the need to wait for an industry event to test and saves time and travel expenses. Simply log on to psiexams.com and perform a ZIP code search for a center in your area. A listing of industry events at which written exams will be administered as well as a listing of hands-on exams for the Landscape Industry Certified Technician can be found at landcarenetwork.org/certification.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my results?
A: If you choose PSI, you will know your unofficial results immediately. PLANET mails out official results within 30 days of your test date.

Q: What exams are offered in Spanish?
A: The PLANET Landscape Industry Certified Technician - Exterior written exam (formerly CLT-E) is currently translated into Spanish, as well as the Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Manager (formerly CTP) exam offered through the University of Georgia.

Q: Once I earn my certification, how do I maintain it?
A: To remain in good-standing, you must recertify every two years by reporting 24 CEUs to PLANET. Check out the FAQs in the Recertification Center for details.

Q: What is the ICC?
A: ICC stands for International Certification Council. The Vision Statement for PLANET's Certification program is:

"driven by market demand, every professional landscape firm aspires to have PLANET-certified employees on staff."

The ICC seeks to make that vision a reality by establishing certification programs, administering exams, and enforcing ethical compliance of all certification programs on behalf of PLANET. There are 8 members who serve multi-year terms and each chairs a committee that concentrates on Test Revision, Exterior Test Administration, Exam Development, Program Expansion, Authorization Panel. The ICC meets throughout the year.

Q: Why did you change the certification brand name?
A: The new brand name speaks clearly to consumers, is supported and used internationally, shows credibility and commitment to best practices, and leaves a lasting impression. In fact, the International Certification Council (ICC) has worked to align the PLANET certification program with national standards and follow a robust strategic planning initiative, resulting in this single, brandable title.

Q: Can I still use the certification designations of CLP, CLT, behind my signature?
A: In order to enhance and maintain uniformity for the Landscape Industry Certified brand, PLANET has developed thecertification initials usage guide to explain how the brand should be applied to your credentials. By following these guidelines, you’ll not only align yourself with the greater population of Landscape Industry Certified professionals under one recognizable brand, but you’ll help to enhance the brand’s value and notoriety in the marketplace.

Q: Does the certification apply to an organization as a whole?
A: No, the certification designations are for individuals only. Companies or organizations may not promote themselves as being certified, but they may promote that they have Landscape Industry Certified professionals on staff.

A: Contact the PLANET certification team at certification@landcarenetwork.org or (800) 395-2522.