Recertification Deadline: Landscape Industry Certified individuals with a good-through date of December 31, 2014, are due to recertify. Please click here for important details.

Landscape Industry Certified individuals stay on top of their profession and credential by recertifying every two years. The required continuing education and optional service needed to maintain the active status of your PLANET certification is measured in Continuing Education Units (CEUs). You are required to report 24 CEUs earned during the two-year cycle to maintain the active status of your certification.

Emeritus or retired status is now available. Emeritus status allows certificants to continue to use their designation(s) upon retirement from the profession without having to recertify. Landscape Industry Certified individuals may request emeritus status if they are age 60 or above and are retiring from the green industry and maintained certification for at least six (6) years prior to retirement. Certificants who intend to continue work in the green industry (perhaps as a consultant or lecturer) are not considered retired and are not eligible for emeritus status.

To request emeritus status, please send a written notice of your intent to retire to the attention of Zane Castle at PLANET, and include documentation of age (a copy of one’s driver’s license is sufficient). The letter (which may be e-mailed, mailed or faxed) must include your name, designation(s) and years certified, and retirement date.

This status should be considered carefully. Landscape Industry Certified individuals awarded emeritus status who later decide to re-enter the profession will have their emeritus status rescinded and will be required to retake the applicable exam(s).

Certificants granted emeritus status will receive a new certificate indicating this retired status.

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Check it out: Recertification Frequently Asked Questions.

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