Educational Program Partnerships

Criteria and Stipulations for Engaging in Educational Program Partnerships with Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)


Give an association a partner and it can move forward in ways that wouldn't be possible on its own. With the economic environment many associations are still facing, education can be particularly ripe with opportunities for organizations to work together. All potential partnerships are expected to meet these criteria and stipulations for validation as a PLANET partner in education. Programs meeting these basic criteria as determined by PLANET will be forwarded for further review and consideration to the Education Committee.


  1. The content of the program must be based upon the best and most updated information available in the content area(s) covered.
  2. The program should be fair, balanced, and not promotional in nature and content.
  3. The content cannot disparage other products or educational programs.
  4. The content must be germane to the work of PLANET members.


  1. The Education Committee will review all proposals for educational partnership and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  2. PLANET must approve the objectives and final program and if at all possible should be involved in the planning process.
  3. The organization seeking partnership must disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and PLANET must have an opportunity to provide comment/input regarding the speakers.
  4. All educational programs should include an outcomes component that demonstrates the impact of the educational activity and the takeaway value for the participants.
  5. PLANET reserves the right to restrict programs from being scheduled within 45 days of other PLANET events when there is deemed to be a conflict.  PLANET will approve of scheduled dates prior to releasing promotion to its members, as well as through its state associations members.


  1. Programs approved for PLANET partnership will have the right to use the PLANET name and logo (trademark license) for that program only.
  2. PLANET agrees to market the program to its members and prospective members.
  3. PLANET will retain approval rights for any marketing material that bears the PLANET name or logo.
  4. A licensing fee or registration revenue share will be collected and the fact that a licensing fee has been paid to PLANET will be communicated to program participants. Proposals submitted should include information on the financial arrangement between the interested party and PLANET.