Ask the Crystal Ball


For over 30 years, PLANET's Crystal Ball Subcommittee has converged annually to predict how the industry will change over the next decade. With careful analysis, progressive thought, and extensive industry experience, these forward-thinkers compose what PLANET calls the "Crystal Ball Reports".

The information contained in these valuable reports can help chart the future of the green industry and propose some insightful recommendations for leading-edge business practices.

With the Crystal Ball Reports, you'll learn about the emerging trends in leadership, productivity, and personnel; uncover what challenges the industry's future success; explore concepts like innovation and sustainability; and become a thought-leader in areas like marketing, human resources, and client relations.

The entire collection of Crystal Ball Reports is available FREE to PLANET members in the Member Center. Nonmembers can order any of the Crystal Ball Reports online.

For tips and advice pulled directly from the Crystal Ball Reports and its contributors, follow PLANET's blog,

What's next for the green industry? If you had a crystal ball what would you want to know about the future? ASK NOW!