Lawn and Landscape Issues Communication Toolkit

About the Toolkit

The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) welcomes you to a new and growing online Lawn and Landscape Issues Communication Toolkit, easily customizable to your particular concern or issue wherever you reside and work. This toolkit offers numerous resources, samples and tips in one spot so you can grab what you need and help reporters, consumers, and lawmakers make informed choices, pass balanced legislation, and write accurate stories — in effect, spread the positive, factual benefits about the establishment and maintenance of green spaces that you provide throughout the nation today. This is your toolkit and your opportunity to make a difference and to have a voice about your industry and your profession.

The Lawn and Landscape Issues Communication Toolkit is always under development. The staff and Government Affairs and Public Relations Committees of PLANET will be adding to and changing this toolkit frequently to bring you the latest information and resources. You are encouraged to add to and comment on the toolkit by contacting PLANET’s Government Affairs Director Tom Delaney.


This toolkit helps you articulate the facts concerning the services and products you use and offer to customers every day. It helps you stay on top of the issues and better respond to damaging, erroneous information. Make no mistake — the green industry is often misrepresented and underrepresented. Pesticides, in particular, take a beating in the press and in public opinion.

For instance, check out this quote from an article on "Pesticides are the single worst negative side effect of lawn care," Milesi says. "They are a direct health concern for you, your kids, and your pets." Christine Milesi is a research scientist working at NASA’s Ames Research Center, according to the article "Paper or Plastic? The Green American Dream" by Michael Noer, July 24, 2008.

In Canada, pesticide bans in many communities are becoming commonplace. According to a June 2008 article inChemistry World, "Over the past few years, various groups have successfully campaigned for individual municipalities to institute their own local pesticide bans. According to one of the principal lobby groups, the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA), these bylaws now cover 42 percent of Canada’s population, including major cities such as Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver."

The threat to the green industry — your business and livelihood — is real.


The staff and leadership at PLANET urge you to use this online toolkit often and give the association feedback on its usefulness in the quest to balance the playing field of negativity, correct inaccuracies, fight burdensome legislation that is not based on sound science, and educate employees and customers about the benefits of professional lawn care and landscape practices.

This toolkit demonstrates the association’s commitment to serve and supply our members with resources to help them better respond to customer and media requests, and strengthen the industry’s professionalism and longevity through grassroots advocacy and awareness.

Please contact your PLANET staff and leadership with questions and suggestions. We are here to help!


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