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Announcing: PLANET's PAC Matching Contributions Gifts to Charity Challenge

You can make an online contribution to the PLANET PAC and designate PLANET to make a mathcing contribution to the PLANET AEFProject EverGreen, or another charity of your choice that is tax-exempt under 26 U.S.C. §501(c) (3).

The Professional Landcare Network Political Action Committee (PAC) has been established and is accepting contributions. Professional Landcare Network PAC provides members with an easy-to-use tool that packs a punch in making their voices heard on Capitol Hill. By contributing to the Professional Landcare Network PAC and combining political donations with all members, they help:

  • Elect pro-green industry congressional candidates who will listen to our concerns
  • Make a difference by positioning the green industry so that it can influence policy
  • Gain access to key legislators so that PLANET's lobbyists can convince them to support the green industry
  • Support PLANET’s grassroots campaigns, such as contacting legislators via letters and e-mail, holding in-district meetings, and lobbying constituents

In order to contribute to Professional Landcare Network PAC, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Be an individual citizen. We can't accept contributions from corporations or foreign nationals. In fact, if we receive any such contributions, we will return them.
  2. Be employed by a member of PLANET in either an executive or administrative capacity.
  3. Fax the member company's permission form to PLANET, attn: Tom Delaney, at (703) 736-9668.

This form must be filled out by member companies that are corporations by the chief executive or president.

Once the permission form is received, a contribution form will be sent to you.

To make an online credit card contribution or to learn more about PLANET PAC, please click here.

For more information, please contact:

Tom Delaney
Director of Government Affairs
770-925-7113 or (800) 395-2522


PLANET PAC Questions and Answers

Our industry has a story: Let’s make sure it's being heard

As a member of PLANET, you know the benefits the green industry brings to our environment and our communities: clean air, safer communities, beautiful neighborhoods, and jobs. Ours is a $175 billion industry that employs almost 2 million people. But, it is under attack, and our livelihood depends on effectively communicating our story. Every day, our elected officials are inundated with requests to support or oppose legislation in areas that have a direct impact on our businesses and lives. If our industry does not have an effective voice, then those special interests and groups supporting messages and undue regulatory burdens harmful to our industry will win by default.

Fortunately, there is a way to make sure that while you are busy running your business, your interests and those of the industry, are being heard on Capitol Hill.

The PLANET Political Action Committee (PLANET PAC) provides you and our industry with access to lawmakers so the PLANET staff can make sure lawmakers know us, our companies, and our industry; understand the positive difference that we make in our communities and our economy; and support our industry when they vote on issues that impact it.

Protect the business you have worked so hard to build. Donate to the PLANET PAC, today. It is an investment in our industry and the future of your business.

What does the PLANET PAC do?

The PLANET PAC increases the power of our association by

  • Helping to fund the election or re-election campaigns of pro-green industry congressional candidates who will listen to our concerns and champion our causes.
  • Providing access to key legislators so PLANET’s government affairs staff and lobbyists can educate them about and convince them to support the green industry.

How will my contribution to the PLANET PAC be used?

It can cost a minimum of $400,000 to run for a congressional office. Every penny contributed to the PLANET PAC is used to support the election or re-election of U.S. senators and representatives who share our industry's goals. That contribution then provides the PLANET government affairs staff and trained lobbyists access to work with lawmakers supported by PLANET PAC to support our industry.

Who receives PLANET PAC contributions?

PLANET PAC seeks out strategically important congressional candidates to support, both incumbents and challengers, regardless of party affiliation. Our single, overriding consideration is the strength of a candidate’s commitment to the green industry.

What has the PLANET PAC accomplished?

Because of the donations made and the access PLANET received as a result:

  • Sen. Mikulski supported PLANET's position during the time we worked on the H-2B returning worker exemption. - Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper, a PLANET member, spoke at our Legislative Day on the Hill in 2009 when she was in Congress
  • Rep. Robert Dold who is in the structural pest control business, also spoke to our PLANET group at Legislative Day on the Hill
  • Rep. Denny Rehberg, chair of Appropriations subcommittee, is helping on the DOL de-funding on the H-2B issue.
  • Rep. Jean Schmidt continued to support RISE and Crop Life America when she was in Congress.
  • We supported our state association with fundraisers donations for Sen. Coleman (MN) and Rep. Paul Ryan (WI).
  • Thanks in part to the efforts of PLANET, and representatives supported by our PAC, language in the EPA WaterSense program that would have limited turf in new construction to only 40 percent of the available land was removed.

Who can contribute to PLANET PAC?

PLANET PAC contributors must:

  1. Be U.S. citizens. Contributions from corporations or foreign nationals cannot be accepted.
  2. Be employed by a PLANET member, in either an executive or administrative capacity.

How does PLANET solicit contributions to the PAC?

Individuals are free to voluntarily donate to the PLANET PAC if they meet the above-mentioned criteria. In order to solicit contributions from individuals who meet the criteria, PLANET PAC must receive the member company’s permission in writing.

How do I participate in the PLANET PAC?

If you are a U.S. citizen employed in an executive of administrative capacity at a PLANET member company, simply fill out the PLANET PAC Consent/Pledge Form and mail or fax to PLANET.

You can also choose to make your donation to the PAC and take advantage of PLANET's new MATCH program which increases the impact of your donation by benefiting the PLANET AEF, Project Evergreen, or a charity of your choice.

What is the MATCH program and how does it work?

PLANET has a new program where the PLANET PAC and another organization can benefit from the same contribution.Simply use this form and designate which group you want to receive the same matching amount you give to the PAC, and PLANET will donate in your name that same amount to the group you designate. You can find out more about this program from the website.

What if my company is already committed to another PAC and won't give me permission to donate to the PLANET PAC?

Then, we cannot accept your contribution to the PAC. You can however still benefit the PAC by making a contribution payable to PLANET to help in the MATCH program and in PAC expenses. View this form for details about the MATCH program. Your funds can be used to match other valid PAC contributions. Just send a check payable to PLANET and note it is for funds to help pay for the PAC MATCH program and mail to:

950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 450
Herndon, Virginia 20170