Government Affairs

PLANET works at the federal, state and local levels of government to ensure the laws and regulations by which green industry professionals must abide are reasonable and responsible, and do not unduly burden their member companies. PLANET is the main entity that represents the professional lawn and landscape care industry before the U.S. Congress and federal agencies, such as the EPA, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation and the Federal Trade Commission. PLANET monitors state legislation and provide updates on pertinent legislation to members. PLANET also helps members develop legislative strategies, talking points and issue position papers, and does face-to-face lobbying when requested.

PLANET Government Affairs Committee

Tom Delany, Director of Government Affairs

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • To provide central executive level responsibility for coordinating activities between PLANET and government at all levels.
  • To help identify specific areas of legislative and regulatory interest to the green industry, and develop policy positions on such issues.
  • To maintain an early warning and action call system for governmental activities of concern to the green industry.
  • To monitor and report on selective areas of legislative, and regulatory activity of importance to the lawn care industry in the states.

Major change starts at the grass roots, so get involved!

In any given legislative year, 9,000–10,000 bills are introduced in the U.S. Congress and another 10,000 at the state level. Although only a very small percentage actually becomes law, these laws govern every aspect of our lives, from communication to recreation, transportation,the environment, and much more. Laws governing issues such as pesticides, fertilizers, immigration/H-2B, small businesses, safety in the work place, clean water and air emissions, and gasoline taxes are among the hundreds of decisions that our legislators make on our behalf every day. MORE

Federal Legislation:

PLANET has long been known as "The Voice of the Green Industry." From participating in lawn care hearings in the early 1990s, to reaching millions with PLANET's benefits of turf messages, to the recent H-2B legislation, the Association's government affairs department continues to be a key resource for the Green Industry. The government affairs department also works with many different industry coalitions and groups like RISE and the National Turfgrass Federation to reach many of its goals. PLANET has an active Government Affairs Committee which helps direct PLANET's Government Affairs activities and a lobby firm representing us on the Hill.

State/Regional Legislation:

PLANET's Government Affairs department seeks to identify public policy issues important to the industry and to develop consensus positions on these issues.

Areas of interest include posting, notification (including local neighbor notification as passed in New York), transportation, labor, disposal, storage and the large area called "use" which includes pesticide and fertilizer applications. Also included are the new issues of the "Precautionary Principle" and "Cosmetic, Aesthetic or Non-Essential Pesticide Use".

Legislative Tracking System:

We also use a legislative tracking system that alerts us to any bills that are introduced in state or federal legislative bodies that contain any of the key words of issues vital to our industry.

PLANET represents my interests on a national and local level with a voice louder than mine alone, and keeps me abreast of the latest issues affecting all of us. Weeded! Lawn Service is a dedicated member of PLANET.
David Bender, Weeded! Lawn Service, Inc.