Benefits of Membership

Thanks for your interest in PLANET! Joining the approximately 4,000 members of PLANET will be one of the most important and rewarding business decisions you will make for your company. Plain and simple: PLANET is here to help you build your business and make your company — and the green industry — more successful

Member Benefits

Education & Networking: PLANET hosts a comprehensive schedule of educational and networking events all year long — ranging from large, multi-day educational conferences, like our Green Industry Conference, to smaller symposia, to hour-long webinars.

Industry News & Information: One of the most important functions of PLANET is to disseminate quality information to our members. We accomplish this through a variety of magazines, e-newsletters, web sites, our PLANET bookstore, and our safety programs.

Professional Development & Mentoring: PLANET members tell us that the professional development opportunities, mentoring programs and certifications are among the best benefits of being a part of our association.

Government Affairs & Industry Development: PLANET is truly "the voice of the green industry." The association advocates on the federal, state and local level to promote policies that will ensure a healthy, fair business market for green industry companies. The association also considers industry development among it's highest priorities; by developing and promoting opportunities for rising green industry stars, PLANET is ensuring a bright future for our industry.

Cost Savings: Plain and simple, PLANET saves our members money. Through various exclusive member programs along with supplier partnerships, we extend dozens of cost-saving opportunities to our members.
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"Without PLANET I would have been stuck in a rut in attempting to grow my business. I would have reinvented too many things that I was able to learn quickly by becoming active in meeting members. PLANET has kept me focused on doing the right things for my personal development, and on how I treat my clients and employees. I have also made lifelong friends which has enriched my life incredibly." 
—  Nicholas DiBenedetto, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, N.D. Landscaping, Inc.


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