Membership Categories

Green Industry Service Provider
A firm/company actively engaged in landscape management, installation/design/build, lawn care, irrigation & water management, and interior plantscaping.
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Green Industry Supplier
Any individual or firm selling or producing a product or service used in the green and outdoor services industries, such as equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, landscape architects and business service providers.
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An individual or firm with a connection to the green industry but not providing services or products, such as educators, publishers, general contractors. Also includes grounds managers for parks, nonprofits, and in-house teams.
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A dealer is any individual or firm selling, but not producing, to an ultimate end-user a product or equipment for use in the green and outdoor industries.
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Franchisees who are current PLANET members and can account for at least 50% of their annual sales revenue from the franchise operation.
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New Graduate
Current student members graduating this year or those who have graduated within the last 6 months.
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State/Regional Association
Any state, provincial, or regional association representing green industry service providers.
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Student Chapter
Any school with a two-year or four-year program in the horticulture field may form a student chapter. Each chapter includes FREE membership for students and additional faculty.
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Student Member
Full-time student currently enrolled in a two-year or four-year program and majoring in a related field of study.
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