Member Ambassador Program

Encourage a colleague to join PLANET. You are the greatest testimony to the benefit of membership! Help others tap into a valuable networking, educational, and professional development resource and demonstrate your support and commitment to PLANET!

What's in it for you?

  • The opportunity to give back to the industry and help grow the association
  • Expand your network of association industry professionals
  • The chance to introduce your colleagues to their industry association

Every time a new member joins PLANET, we are made stronger. A vital and growing PLANET expands public knowledge of the green industry, creates new networking opportunities, and makes our professional association more representative of the industry as a whole.

PLANET develops and maintains active programs for 3,800 members in the areas of business management, government affairs, public relations, technical assistance, safety and insurance, education, and inter-industry relations with other facets of the green industry. PLANET counts on our members to help our network of green industry service providers to grow every year. And the best way to do that is to actively recruit new service provider members. But it does more than just help PLANET. It provides members with the chance to help their colleagues discover the professional benefits of PLANET membership.

And, it provides all PLANET members with the opportunity to become involved with PLANET and contribute to the success of our entire industry!

PLANET's BEST benefit that has ever happened to me is the bountiful relationships I have established. Ultimately it all boils down to relationships — truly the greatest lesson of all. Together we are better than going at it alone and you are never alone at PLANET. Through all of the opportunities that PLANET has offered, nothing has had a greater impact than the people I have met that have become lifelong friends and colleagues. Getting input on ideas, advice, and just listening to your aches and pains as you grow in the industry. Relationships Rule! Bill Arman, The Harvest Group