PLANET has a conglomerate of industry experts, ready and waiting to assist you with ANY question you have! Have a nagging HR question that has been on your mind? Want to set up a safety program for your company but don't know the first step? Want to diversify your business but not sure which direction to take? Want to know the easiest and best ways to maximize your PLANET membership benefits? We are here for you!

General Business Question?

Consult with one of PLANET’s Consultant Members

Human Resource Questions?

Jean Seawright, CMC
  • Answers questions about a new hire, termination, policy/procedure, compensation, overtime, coaching an employee, state or federal employment regulation, unemployment claim, drug testing, pay plan, performance issues, sexual harassment, and other HR matters.
  • Access to Seawright & Associates consultants at PLANET conferences, seminars and webinars. Learn about critical HR issues and receive practical tips and ideas to enhance your HR practices!
  • Receive discounted rates on any special projects you elect from Seawright & Associates.

Safety Issues?

Sam Steel
  • Provides e-mail answers to member questions about safety, OSHA policies, checklists, and forms.
  • Supplies bi-lingual safety resources and information.

Legal Questions?

Richard Lehr
  • At no charge, answers routine legal questions affecting your business, including employment, contracts, and compliance issues.
  • Provides legal tips in his PLANET News monthly column.
  • Offers subscriptions to Employment Law Bulletin — a free e-mail newsletter available on request at

Public Relations Needs?

Lisa Schaumann
  • Answers questions about how to write a public relations plan.
  • Consults with members regarding media and interview questions.
  • Sends out press releases on new members, certified individuals and participants of Legislative Day on the Hill and Arlington National Cemetery project, as well as other PLANET events to member's top media outlets.

Laws, Regulations, or Industry Issues?

Tom Delaney
  • Answers question about laws and regulations and customers concerns about lawn care products and services.
  • Plans and coordinates Legislative Day on the Hill and works with PLANET's lobbyist.
  • Works on legislative and regulatory issues involving immigration, H-2B visas and environmental areas and answers members questions in these areas.
  • Coordinates legislative activities with state associations and tracks state bills affecting the lawn and landscape industry.
  • Provides information for stories and articles about lawn and landscape industry issues

PLANET Questions?

"Hi, my name is Cheryl Claborn, and my sole purpose at PLANET is to help YOU maximize your PLANET membership benefits. Using the hundreds of tools and resources available to you as a PLANET member, I guarantee that together, you and I can grow your business. Have an industry question but don't know where to turn? I'm here. Hoping to put together a safety program but don't know the first steps? Call me. Want to gain some recognition in your community but not sure the best route to take? I can help you. Just pick up the phone and call me — 800-395-2522."

PLANET's Trailblazers represent an elite group of dedicated professionals who were nominated by their peers for making significant and long-term contributions to the green industry in the areas of Design/Build/Installation, Interior Plantscaping, Landscape Management, and Lawn Care. Direct influences in the green industry, these individuals are committed to helping their peers and the green industry. Each Trailblazer sets aside a full day each year to provide on-site mentoring to another PLANET green industry service provider member. This in-depth, personalized networking and mentoring program is a unique way for emerging and established companies to gain insight and advice on developing and growing their businesses.

"I will just say my Trailblazer was just awesome and I think his help and his openness about how he runs his company will help us get to the next level. Definitely one of the best experiences I have had in the industry." 
— Joe Markell CLP, President, Sunrise Lawn/Landscaping Services, Inc., Sterling, VA.

Have a tough business or technical question, but don't know where to turn? Need advice on how to take your business to the next level? The answers are at your fingertips. It's that easy!

  • Over 30 seasoned industry veterans are standing by to give you real-world advice gained through their own experiences.
  • 24-hour turnaround response system
  • Free for PLANET members!
  • Simply e-mail your question to Your question will then be distributed directly to one of our remote Trailblazers who will then call you within 24 hours. If you have questions regarding this program, please call Pamela Moore, the program administrator, at (800) 395-2522 (ext. 215) or e-mail her at
"I had some questions regarding financial planning for my business and needed some industry specific information. I e-mailed my question to PLANET and within a day I received a call from a PLANET Trailblazer who provided some great information. And best of all, it was easy and informal." 
— Carl Rantzow, Selkirk Landscape Services, Inc., Spokane, WA

*The Trailblazers On Call program is a relationship between the Trailblazer and the member company, facilitated by PLANET. Opinions expressed by the Trailblazers are not necessarily the opinions of PLANET.