Safety Benchmarking Project


NOTE: If your company submitted a Safety Recognition Award entry, the Safety Benchmarking Survey is incorporated in the entry form, and you do not need to submit another form.

The Benchmarking Survey presents a detailed but straightforward analysis of the safety practices of PLANET members and STARS members. Results are presented in tables and graphs, designed to provide a comprehensive guide for analyzing profitability and to show areas that need improvement. This report can also be used as a discussion/negotiating tool when requesting quotes for next year's insurance premiums.

PLANET coordinate s the safety benchmarking project with the Profit Planning Group to get a better picture of our industry's safety history. As part of this safety benchmarking survey, some of the information requested includes, but is not limited to:

  • Claim data history
  • Experience modification rate
  • Demographics
  • Average number of e mployees
  • Total hours worked
  • Safety training practices

Examples of the comparison graphs and charts, developed using the information participants provide, are located in the Quick Links box above.

Companies that participate in the survey will be provided with a free copy of the compiled report. An electronic copy of the report can be purchased through the PLANET bookstore.

Your firm's financial data are highly confidential. PLANET is extremely sensitive to this issue and enforces strict security measures to protect your firm's data.


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