OSHA Alliance


The PLANET and OSHA Alliance, first formed in 2004, focuses on providing large and small landscape services industry employers with information, guidance, and access to training resources to help them protect the safety and health of their employees, including youth and low-literacy level and non-English speaking workers. In particular, the Alliance will focus on reducing and preventing exposure to manual material handling and slip, trip, and fall hazards, and on addressing motor vehicle safety issues.


PLANET proudly announces their renewal alliance with OSHA furthering its efforts to connect the landscape industry businesses with valuable resources for
the promotion of safety throughout the industry. Click here for more information on the November 26, 2013, announcement.


Quick Cards:

Roadside Safety in English and Spanish

Preventing Repetitive Motion Injuries in Interior Plantscaping in English and Spanish

Gasoline Powered Cut-Off Machines in English and Spanish

Personal Protective Equipment for Mixing Chemicals in Lawn Care in English and Spanish

Using Small Equipment Safely in Landscaping in English and Spanish

Interior Plantscaping Ladder Safety in English and Spanish

Interior Plantscaping General Safety Tips in English and Spanish

Preventing Injuries to your Eyes and Ears in Landscaping in English and Spanish

Safety Tip Sheets:

Slip and Trip Injuries in English and Spanish

Lifting Injuries in English and Spanish

Defensive driving in English and Spanish

Reducing the risk of amputations in English and Spanish

Leaving a Job Site Safe in the Middle of a Landscape Design/Build/Installation Project in English and Spanish

Landscape and Horticultural Services Page

The Landscape and Horticultural Services Page provides access to occupational safety and health information. The subjects include specific workplace hazards, as well as individual industries. Members of the Editorial Boards evaluate numerous OSHA and non-OSHA references on a given subject to determine which they consider most important in reducing occupational injuries and illnesses. With the continued support of our users, editors, and editorial boards, OSHA's Safety and Health Topics Pages provide assistance for complying with OSHA standards, enabling employers to ensure safer workplaces.

Landscape and horticultural services encompass a wide range of services. Included in this category are companies engaged in landscape design and architecture; soil preparation and grading; irrigation systems; tree, shrub and lawn planting; hardscape construction including: retaining walls, pathways and patios; lawn care and landscape maintenance; arborist services including tree trimming and line clearance.