STARS Safe Company Program

The STARS Safe Company Program (Safety Training Achieves Remarkable Success) is a free safety initiative designed for companies to set the precedent for safety throughout the industry. The STARS program helps green industry service provider companies lower their total costs of risk by reducing hazards and injuries. With this initiative, PLANET works to connect all green industry companies in an effort to lessen the risks associated with the green industry.

Participants of the program are asked to sign a Safe Company Pledge that commits their company to:

  • Follow the guidelines in the Safety Program for Green Industry Companies (CD) for developing a safe company,
  • Establish an active safety committee within their company,
  • Conduct regular safety-awareness training,
  • Document, measure, and investigate every accident,
  • Meet OSHA posting and regulatory requirements,
  • Enter the annual PLANET/CNA Safety Recognition Awards Program,
  • Share their best safety practices with their fellow STARS members, and,
  • Encourage others to become STARS members.

PLANET has provided our new STARS members with a press release template (in Quick Links Box) that you may use to share with your local media announcing your addition to the program. Let everyone know that you care about safety -your clients, your community, and even your competition.

Get a FREE Copy of Safety Program for Green Industry Companies CD

The safety program can be used as is or customized to meet your companies’ specific needs. 
This new ready-to-use safety program on CD includes:

  • A comprehensive Company Safety Policy on topics, including motor vehicle safety, preventing back injuries, return-to-work/modified duty programs, chemical safety, reporting and investigating accidents, complying with OSHA, and more
  • Guidance to green-industry companies on implementing and further developing the Company Safety Policy, in the form of checklists and tips
  • More than 50 ready-to-use forms, sample policies, payroll stuffers, and other safety ideas successfully used by others in the green industry; many of these forms are provided in Spanish
  • Resources for additional information

To receive your free copy of the Safety Program CD, fill out the STARS Pledge form (in Quick Links Box) and fax to (703) 736-9668 or email to If you have questions about the program, please call (800) 395-2522.

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