The PLANET events are a great, face-to-face, personal way to connect with the PLANET members. From Green Industry Great Escape, a more intimate, high-end meeting with executive-level attendees, to GIC, the industry’s premiere educational conference, to our Specialty events (Lawn care summit, Design/Build symposium), there is truly an event for every preference, and every budget.


"As an industry leader STIHL Inc. believes that membership in PLANET and sponsorship of a variety of PLANET events is a vital part of our business. Our association with PLANET allows us to build relationships with the top companies and future leaders of the green industry. Whether it is interacting with college students at the PLANET Student Career Days or our youngest landscapers at PLANET Renewal and Remembrance, supporting professional education through the PLANET GIC or student education through the PLANET AEF, promoting advocacy through the PLANET PAC, or good will through PLANET Gives Back, we believe that being part of PLANET is the right thing to do for our business, our industry and our communities."

Roger Phelps, Promotional Communications Manager
PLANET Landscape Industry Certified Manager

"A partnership with PLANET is a partnership with the industry. The support PLANET brings to the current business environment through training, certification, resources, industry development, student education and legislative representation provides sustainable value to the industry and supporting partners. Husqvarna finds great value in PLANET supported events and opportunities to network with industry leaders and stakeholders. Networking allows us a valuable opportunity to gain insights, address industry and customers inquiries and develop future plans based on end user feedback."

Gent Simmons,