Multi-media Sponsorship

Online Sponsorships

PLANET’s web portals are a great avenue to help promote your brand! With three web sites to choose from (and multiple sections within the site that are available for sponsorship), this allows you to reach a more targeted audience with your sponsorship.

PLANET Web Site — — $5,000 annually (per section)

Green industry professionals, state and allied regional associations, trade press, students, and homeowners use PLANET’s official flagship web site, as an invaluable resource. These sponsorships put your company in front of them when their minds are focused on their businesses — and yours. Sponsors may submit a graphic/advertisement and a URL address to which the graphic will link. Web site welcomes approximately 8,000 unique visitors per month. Contact PLANET for more detailed traffic reports.

PLANET Universe web site — PLANETUniverse.ORG — EXCLUSIVE — $10,500 annually

The PLANET Universe Web site is the green industry’s comprehensive portal for all resources and information pertaining to the industry. The site is populated with over 1,200 whitepapers and articles, case studies, models andsamples, newsletters, books and publications, webinars, podcasts, forums, meeting and program calendars,and more. PLANET Universe has broad applications, and the site is user-friendly, intuitive, and searchable. Be the center of the universe. Sponsor the PLANET Universe site and reach green industry professionals online throughout the year. Sponsor will receive advertising space on the PLANET Universe home page and the Web site’s internal pages. Sponsor may provide three different graphics/advertisements and URL addresses to which the ads will link, and new ad materials may be submitted on a monthly basis.

Green Industry Careers Web site — TheLandLovers.ORG — EXCLUSIVE — $5,000 annually

PLANET, the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association (MNLA), and other state and national green industry associations have partnered to promote and increase awareness of viable green industry career paths, especially those available with for-profit companies. Research conducted with high school guidance counselors indicates that Web-based promotion is the preferred method to reach students. This green industry careers Web site — — serves as the access portal to many green industry career resources and enables a single platform across all dimensions of the green industry. Sponsor this site and put your company in front of the next generation of green industry professionals. The sponsor may submit a logo and a URL address to which the logo will link. The sponsor’s logo appears on the site’s home page and on the site’s internal pages.