PLANET members are comprised of over 4,000 green industry service provider companies, suppliers, dealers, state and allied regional associations, students and faculty and other industry affiliates nationwide and internationally. PLANET members have joined the organization because they are committed to business success, increased professionalism, and staying abreast of the latest industry trends.

When it comes to decision making, 20% of decisions are based on rationale, but 80% are based on emotion. Your customers aren't just looking for great products and services. They're looking for solutions. They're looking for a person and a company they can trust.

Sponsorship is a critical, differentiating part of a well-thought-out media and marketing plan. Of all the media you can use, sponsorship is the most personal — it's the most sensory. Through sponsorships, you can increase your visibility and prestige, and you can shape the image of your company and impress upon the membership your commitment to their business success, as well as the overall success of the green industry. By elevating your profile with the PLANET members through sponsorships, you will build the trust that is needed for your customers to look at you not just as their vendor, but as their true business partner.

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Did you know?

Average # of employees for PLANET members is 66 (peak season) and 41 (off-peak.)

The #1 reason companies give for joining PLANET and renewing their memberships is to stay current with industry developments.

PLANET's member retention is at an all-time high of 82%. The average length of time that companies have been PLANET members is 7.12 years.

"John Deere's sponsorship of PLANET aligns with our objectives of supporting the professional landscaping industry through advocacy, effective communication, education and stewardship. We are also proud to support the professional growth that PLANET provides to industry professionals."
Ken Taylor
General Manager
Corporate Business Division
John Deere